Community Event

Community Event: Operations Edition

Ein gemeinsamer Abend mit spaßigen Spielen sowie Fragen und Antworten rund um Operations.
Date and time Sa., 10.06.2023 17:00-00:00
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Community Event: Operations Edition

The netcup Community Event - Operations Edition took place on June 10th, 2023. Last year's first event had 12 attendees, but this time more than twice as many of you came! It's hard to say what was better: the many familiar faces we saw again, or the many new faces who visited us for the first time. In any case, we can say one thing very clearly: the mood was great, the weather was wonderful, and the Gulasch was delicious. 

All of this together created a very relaxed and cozy atmosphere, in which conversations and exchanges quickly took place after the arrival of more and more participants.

We really liked that, and what we heard from you was that you did too! :slightly_smiling_face:

In addition to the atmosphere, our dinner was also really great. There was delicious beef or vegan Gulasch, which was a tongue-in-cheek thank you to those participants who made their way from the GPN 21 (which took place at the same time) to us.

Unlike the last time, where everything revolved around customer support, this time it was about topics from the operations area. 

As with the first event, participating (and non-participating!) individuals were asked to submit questions for our Q&A session in advance. Lars, who is not only an essential part of our community management team but also our operations team, has taken on all of these questions and provided comprehensive and understandable answers. 

You can find a recording of the entire Q&A session here. You will see: the questions and answers were so exciting that you could almost hear a pin drop!

But besides answering all the questions we received, of course, there were also many questions from us to you this time! So it was a quiz that focused on topics related to operations. The quiz questions were partly quite tricky, but all participants were able to demonstrate their accumulated knowledge and the winners will soon receive their prizes. ;)

There was also something to win during the server lifting challenge. Despite the already advanced hour and corresponding fatigue, some people took on this physical challenge. After all, it was all about maximized fluffiness! Because the prize was an XXL, medium, or small plush Tux. After about half an hour, during which sweat, blood, and tears flowed (portrayal only partially exaggerated), it was finally determined who became the new owners of these plush Tux.

Of course, we would have sent the XXL-plush Tux by post to the winner, but this option was kindly declined. So, it was clear that we insisted on photos of them on the train! While we understood this demand as not serious, we soon rejoiced in the photos that the participants had posted in our Longest Thread in the Forum. 


We hope that you enjoyed the goodies, but even more importantly, that you had fun meeting like-minded people, exchanging ideas among yourselves, and with us. 

From our perspective, and as some of you seemed to have seen it too, it was again a totally successful event. :)

We are already very excited to see you again next time (and all those who have now become interested in attending)!

Claudia H. & the Community Management Team