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Here you can exchange ideas with netcup customers, read and submit inspiring tutorials and be part of an active community.

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The netcup community is our place of knowledge exchange, both for customers and for those who want to become customers and covers every level of knowledge: regardless of whether you are a beginner, advanced user or professional in dealing with netcup products - everyone is welcome to our vibrant community.


Whatever your burning question, you're sure to find support in our community of tech fans. Not only online, but also in real life you have the opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded people at community meetings. Our community management team is always open to your ideas and suggestions.

We only know one thing: nobody knows everything, but together we know more.


netcup Forum

The netcup forum has been a popular contact point for all kinds of help since 2008. Whether you have questions before you buy, exchange ideas about how to solve various challenges, or our swap exchange market. Everyone will find an answer in our forum thanks to our long-standing community members. Support takes the form of exchanges with other customers, with the Community Management Team moderating, informing and channeling feedback.

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Community-Projects Community Event: Operations Edition am 10.06.202 Read more >

Author: [netcup] Claudia H.

Publish date: 23/01/2023

vServer / Server / KVM-Server Minimale Linux-Distri für VPS 10 G7 Read more >

Author: jah

Publish date: 04/04/2023

Swap Ownership - Offer Biete VPS 1000 G9 Read more >

Author: Zephyr

Publish date: 30/03/2023

netcup Open Source Community Tutorials

The tutorials revolve around different ways of using netcup products. They are written by community members or customers and published by netcup after a quality check. Submitter whose tutorials have been published will of course be rewarded. ;)

New tutorials
ROOT-SERVER TUTORIAL Installing WordPress on a LEMP Stack

Learn how to install WordPress on a Linux, Nginx, MariaDB, and PHP stack.

read more >

Author: Sebastian Huskynarr Selinger

Publish date: 30/04/2023

ROOT-SERVER TUTORIAL Setting up a Bitcoin Full Node with a Lightning Network Node

Learn how to set up and run a Bitcoin full node along with a Lightning network node on a server.

read more >

Author: ffaex

Publish date: 23/04/2023

ROOT-SERVER TUTORIAL Edit and Shrink a qcow2 Snapshot (with QEMU on Windows or Another OS)

Learn how to edit the contents of a qcow2 virtual server snapshot and shrink the snapshot file to the required size.

read more >

Author: NaN

Publish date: 03/04/2023


Since 2021, you have the opportunity to regularly get to know the community in person. Meet like-minded people in a fun and casual atmosphere, while also having the chance to collect highly exclusive items or products. See you there!

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10 Jun 2023

Community Event: Operations Edition

A fun evening with games and a Q&A session regarding operations. read more >

Date: Sat., 10.06.2023 17:00-00:00

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The Community Management Team

The people behind the scenes ensure the active exchange between the community and netcup. We pass on feedback, inform the community and involve them in the creation of new concepts. Of course, we also ensure that respectful cooperation is maintained and are also the contact for questions about the community platforms.


[netcup] Claudia H.


Community Management & Moderation


Support and further development of the community and its platforms

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[netcup] Christina R.


Marketing Manager & Moderation


Community management support and general feedback handling

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[netcup] Lars S.


Operations & Moderator


Community management support and technical feedback handling

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