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Community Event: Customer Support Edition

Get an impression of our first netcup Community Event here.
Date and time Fri., 21.10.2022
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(first) netcup Community Event: Customer Support Edition

As you may have found out yourself already some of the forum users have grown to know each other online for many years, some even personally. And that's exactly what we wanted, too: to get to know the people from the community personally. The community management team consisting of Christina R., Lars S. and Claudia H. therefore invited to the first netcup community event on October 21, 2022 in Karlsruhe. A dozen netcup community members gathered in a exclusively rented room at Alter Schlachthof to eat, drink and have a good time. The heart of the evening program was a Q&A session with the Head of Customer Support, Christoph E., though. Hence the name for the event.  ;)

After a break, in which everyone was free to grab a hot dog from the buffet and a cool drink from the fridge, the group continued with a netcup quiz. Christina R. moderated the sometimes tricky questions. The winning team was then taken to the ball pit, where they were supposed to take a dive and find hidden balls. In them we placed scratch cards with the prizes to reveal. The winners received a twinbook, a netcup hoodie and a 12 months free of charge RS Rubber Ducky. The RS Rubber Ducky was a special product that could only be purchased exclusively by participants for the duration of the event. 

The entertaining evening was rounded off with casual chatting, drinking and dessert. 
It was nice to meet the faces behind the forum avatars. Both for us from the community management team and for the community members. 

It was even nicer to see that the event was very well received. Even if "only" a dozen people were present at the first meeting, it was a great start for a series of events that will gradually grow. The next event is scheduled to take place in early June 2023 and is already being planned. 

We'll be happy to meet you there! :) 

Sounds nice!

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